Buffalo Pound, Saskatchewan & Dinosaur Park, Alberta

We were only at Buffalo Pound for the one night.  People say driving through Manitoba is pretty flat, but I think Saskatchewan is even flatter… So here we are, driving in the prairies, when the ground seems to open up and we drive down into a beautiful valley with a lake – this was Buffalo Pound Provincial Park… Really pretty place to visit…


Next day, we went to Dinosaur Park in Alberta’s Badlands.  You think Manitoba is bad for mosquitos?  I tell you – the Badlands in Alberta is worse!!  Bug spray does not work here and they are relentless all day long!!  I got bit so many times I was getting bruised…  Better being bit by mosquitos though than scorpions, black widow spiders and rattlesnakes – the other park inhabitants.


Still worth visiting though despite the battle wounds.  The scenery is spectacular – especially at sunset, and the history is pretty amazing.  The best dinosaur skeletons you see at the Royal Tyrrell Museum (which we visited) in Drumheller actually came from Dinosaur Park.  Sad, however, that the americans came and took a whole lot before Canada made any laws to protect our own heritage.


There were lots of special outings you can do within the park – including visiting actual dig sites.  We chose a sunset photographers tour within the park – they take you to the special spots that are closed to the public.  Really beautiful and the scenery unlike anything else we had seen across Canada.  Truly alien, and amazing to think we were walking where the dinosaurs once roamed long ago.


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